Promise founders team promise to do all the best to provide the tools using for free, as much as possible will be done to keep the tools free for use. The files processing gives heavy loading on server, the tools do complex manipulations, the server loading is rather high, unfortunately the 20 MB limit need to stay. But we will keep the work and promise to provide each tool use for free.

Files security and policy keeps uploaded by visitors files for one hour only. When you open the page and uploading of first file is completed you have one hour timeline to finish the process, uploading other files, manipulate with tool and download ready new file. After the one hour is over, all uploaded files are removed from server and no ability to recover any of uploaded or created new file. set all needed meta data into new created file to specify them as 360 photos. keeps the best possible image quality from original uploaded files.

Please keep attention, Facebook accept 360 spherical panoramas in JPG format only. The new create TIF file you downloaded from Cube to Sphere tool has all needed meta data, but you need to covert it to JPG file to make it acceptable for Facebook as 360 photo, all meta data is already setup correctly.